Initially…he didn’t. Chaco stayed in bed dreaming.
In his dreams Grandpa Fred was still alive and taking him
to get ice cream or flu shots. That went on for six and a half
months. Finally. One morning Chaco was in the bathroom.
Pissing. When Chaco returned to his bedroom his king size
canopy bed was gone. Chaco thought he was dreaming.
He pinched himself. “Ow, that hurt. Damn it,” Chaco said.
Then. An angel that looked a helluva lot like Painter Bob
appeared. “Whoa. What the hey boy?” Chaco asked.
He was rendered inarticulate by the surreal situation.
“Don’t be scared, Chaco. I’m completely benevolent and mellow.”
Painter Bob the angel the vision whatever the fuck he was
took Chaco on a magical flight around the world. Chaco saw
freshly hatched alligators blinking their new little eyes
in Louisiana. Chaco saw tired speed ravaged women giving
lap dances in Nevada. Chaco saw frustrated actors on unemployment
giving themselves pep talks and enemas in Los Angeles.
Chaco saw fat sloppy tourists gawking at the Pyramids in Egypt,
farting and picking their noses, knowing there was no way in hell
they could compete with all of that. After the tour Painter Bob
The Benevolent treated Chaco to a taco and an imported Mexican beer
in Santa Fe. The name of the cafe was Coyotes Locos.
“Chaco, how will you live the rest of your days?”
Chaco looked around at the adobe art galleries and rubbed
his goatee. “Well, I guess for starters I’ll start having sex
again,” Chaco replied. Painter Bob The Curious gave Chaco a hug
then flew off in search of his next assignment.