well, i thought, “i am stupid. i am sure to fuck things up eventually.
i won’t go back. i will escape.”
ran to bus station
no money
begged cop for money
told him i was going to bridgeport
to see my grandparents
he said he had no money
saw him on phone
with the satanists
he was fucking in on it
i ran and ran and ran
like flock of seagulls
ran so far away
bare feet
no money
no journal
nada enchilada
found abandoned house
well the lead satanist
found me
he brought me sack of supplies
including eggs
and beef jerky
he was in love with me, as it turned out
but protocol had to be followed
i would be killed
i told him I Love You, Fuck Me
he didn’t trust me
i convinced him
he changed into satan
like in rosemary’s baby
all these demons surrounded us
we were soul mates
i was queen of the satanists