Liz knew how to win back Todd. He was not hard to please. He would be her beck and call bitch in no time! Liz knocked on Todd’s door clad only in a pair of pink cotton panties and pinker high heels. Her sunny blonde hair was bouncy and cute in a high ponytail. Her makeup was sexy but not smudged or slutty. In her arms Liz held a diaper box filled with Cherry Mash candy bars. Todd loved Cherry Mash candy bars, especially for breakfast, with strawberry milk.

Todd opened the door. His eyes were still sleepy. He was wearing his Van Halen (DAVID LEE ROTH! NOT THE OTHER GUY!) boxers. The sun was not yet in the sky but the porch light was on so Todd got a good view of Liz and the candy.

“Are you surprised? Are you hungry? Am I welcome in your home?” Liz asked.
“Liz…you’re crazy,” Todd mumbled, scratching his balls. His breath was bad but Liz didn’t care. She wanted to kiss him so she did. Todd did not kiss Liz back. He pushed her away.
“I thought you loved Cherry Mash! I thought you loved me! Damn it!” Tears streamed from Liz’s Pacific Ocean colored eyes.
“I’m not ready to go round the Mulberry Bush with you again. Sorry. Go home and put some clothes on. Give the candy to your kid brother.”

Liz drove her Corvette back to Malibu. She couldn’t stop crying and eating Cherry Mash candy bars. Lionel Richie was singing earnest words of longing on the radio. Liz turned off the radio and watched the sun blush its orgasm across the yawning sky.