hey stavros~

yeah, still in town. i am about seven weeks pregnant. the baby is due nov. 8th. michael is going to try to transfer to the t-mobile in frisco, texas by june. we still have just one car and i am housebound most days. michael’s days off are tuesday, wednesday and thursday. if we could meet up on one of those days that would be great. i would love to do some more recording in the studio and would still love the instant pussy url. i am putting together a poetry anthology to benefit the west memphis three. received a letter from damien echols a couple of weeks ago. he is going to send me some poems for the anthology. i am going to try to publish it at lulu.com in june and buy an isbn for it so it will have global distribution. all the proceeds will go directly to the defense fund. i don’t know if you know about the case or not…here is the url to my blog which includes a link to the wm3 site:

Instant Pussy & Various

Your website is lookin’ good. The House of Whack game sounds very interesting.