Yeah, I know it isn’t unethical to reject suck ass poetry but I felt it was unethical of me to send you my rejection and the guy’s poems. He wrote me back and thanked me saying that I gave him the best feedback he ever received.

I really suck at quoting people! I definitely need to do my poet’s homework. Is today Ash Wednesday, whatever the fuck that is??? The postal dipshits no bring me any mail! There could be any number of reasons for that, though…too drunk to remember my address, too eager to get home and get a blow job, hot date at the bowling alley, whatever.

Please submit to the anthology! Paul Corman Roberts of Cherry Bleeds (he lives in Oakland, too) wrote me an e-mail that began, “God, you’re a nag. Oh yeah…you’re married.” If you know him and know where he lives, please go kick him in the balls for me. Grazi!

We will have wine and other surprises for you when you come see us. What time will your train arrive? Michael is gonna try to get time off from work.