It’s gonna take me a while to say all I think I need to say, so bear with me.

First of all, thank you for the chapbook.
I’m very grateful to have YOUR work.
How much do I owe ya?

Second of all

I have to tell you that I have thought about you (often) since that Sunday evening up at the Flying Star. Well, let me back up a few years. I always admired your work – going back to my first days at the Blender (where my only contribution, so it seems, any more is those silly (sometimes) survey questions). That was July 1998 (wow, I’m freaking out now to think that was THAT long ago). I still have the cards (and a couple of short letters) and photo that you sent me from Texas (it was some photo of you working over Christmas holidays at Wal Mart or something like that) that autumn. I thought then as I do now that you were fabulously talented (and with a little focus and some financial sponsorship and/or a lucky break you could become FAMOUS!). I enjoyed the opportunities I had to chat with you and e-mail back and forth a few times before you met Chris.

You may not remember that you e-mailed me about Andy (Mr. Guppy) around that time. I tend to have a long memory when to comes to such things. BELIEVE me when I tell you that I have a deeper and greater understanding of this need you mention for PASSION in (my) life. I need it like water, air, and sustenance.

I have to confide in you that it was rather strange meeting you and Chris. My impression of you personally was how really striking you are (as in beautiful). I just wish I had more of an opportunity to talk to you personally about writing – your writing, and the process you have, your observations, how you look at things, what words mean to you, and so on. But my impression of you as a couple (since Chris was the one who did 95 percent of the talking) was that he had you reined in rather tightly. I always wanted (and still do, really) to meet again over coffee and have that conversation about writing with you.

As far as what Chris did, it’s obvious that he took offense to my (admittedly snide) remark about the stalking behavior. He took me to task in my blog (not really a flaming, but rather close to it). I wondered (in response) whether he really HAS moved on with his life (if he were following you around out of genuine concern it’d be one think – as in not stalking – but his behavior struck me as odd for several reasons…) ANYWAY… That’s a topic for some other time (maybe never?).

I really apologize for how long it’s taken me to sit my ass down and finish this email – there really is NO excuse for it – you were so prompt, after all, in your kind response to my request for a chapbook (which is wonderful). I really do wish you and Michael ALL the best, Misti. You definitely deserve to be happy of heart, mind, and spirit.

With love for your existence on this earth, and much affection,

I remain yours, most sincerely