The Drummonds visit Ms. Garrett at Eastland High. During the Harvest Queen competition, Blair makes a comment about tomboyish competitor Cindy not being feminine enough. Cindy decides not to attend the Harvest Ball, until Ms. Garrett helps her with her self-image.

Blair is upset that she might get a reputation for being easy when her multiple-divorcée mother visits for Parents Night and flirts with the headmaster, Steven Bradley.

Ms. Garrett accepts her ex-husband’s (Robert Alda) proposal of remarriage, but changes her mind when she discovers he has been teaching the girls how to gamble.

Tootie’s father thinks Ms. Garrett’s influence over his daughter is holding her back as Tootie has aspired to open a beauty salon.

Blair plagiarizes an Emily Dickinson poem about beauty, but must come clean when the headmaster submits the poem to a competition and it wins.

Blair and Tootie rush to the stables to protect the animals when a flood hits Peekskill. When Mr. Bradley rescues the girls, Blair develops a crush on him.

The girls get an assignment to make a family tree. Natalie doesn’t want to do it as she is adopted. Blair noses into Natalie’s business when she arranges for her to talk to her birth mother by phone.

A new student, Jo Polniaczek (Nancy McKeon), arrives at Eastland. Ms. Garrett has the streetwise Jo try to make friends with the snobbish Blair. Jo wants to do something rebellious, daring the girls to come along. She hotwires a van and takes them to a bar, but run into trouble when a good looking guy there reveals himself to be an undercover cop.

After wrecking the school van and being thrown in jail, the girls are put on probation They must work in the cafeteria to pay off their damages, in lieu of expulsion from Eastland.

Blair is upset when her childhood friend Harrison Andrews asks Jo to the country club cotillion instead of her, but later discovers his true intentions.

Tootie falls for an African-American boy, but becomes conflicted when he comments that she only hangs out with white girls.

For Ms. Garrett’s upcoming birthday, the girls want to buy her a shirt, but miss the sale. Jo decides to steal the shirt. But when Ms. Garrett returns the shirt, she finds it was stolen.

A top fashion photographer is coming to Eastland to find the new face of the ’80s, and Blair is positive she is it. The photographer surprises everyone by choosing Tootie, but the price of her photo session proves costly.

Ms. Garrett’s son, Alex, visits Eastland. Alex brags about his life as a musician socializing with famous people such as Carly Simon and Neil Diamond, which attracts Natalie’s affections, until Blair is suspicious.

Former Eastland student Alison visits Blair and friends. She was a model student with a “perfect” life but is now a teenage mother. When she leaves, she forgets her baby Emily, and the girls have to take care of her.

After losing her pension, Ms. Garrett takes a second job at a Howard Johnson’s. This takes a toll on her mood and her Eastland work, so she must choose between the two.

Ms. Garrett and the girls spend an afternoon in New York City, where they go to Pagliacci’s, a high-profile Italian restaurant. Natalie is devastated when she sees her father kissing another woman across the dining room.