Roxi Xmas, you’ve received two new messages
from men who are excruciatingly interested
in your status updates and photographs.
Roxi Xmas, if you don’t return to Facebook
you will miss out on the greatest love affair of your life.
Roxi Xmas, you need to come back to Facebook
and update the status of your bowel movements,
vibrator sessions and trips to the nail salon
so men will fall so deep and dark in love with you
they will forget all about their wives and all those other bitches
panting for attention and affirmation in endless
pouting smirking winking teasing photographs.
Roxi Xmas, what the fuck is wrong with you?
Don’t you want to at least pretend like you are
Elizabeth Taylor auditioning for Richard Burton?
You will not find Richard Burton at Family Dollar.
You will not find true love at Taco Cabana.
If you do not return within 48 hours the messages
will expire and so will the desire that inspired them
and there goes your chance of ever finding
the kind of love that will save your ass
from forty more years of splashing in the mud.