Oh fuck that and that too and weight loss secrets and who gives a laxative induced shit and your poems are so edgy and dark and twisted and my poems are so Richard Simmons disco ass explosion and who has lived more and who has delved deeper let’s compare scars freak marks who has more credit in the straight world who fucking cares who stripped in Los Angeles who fucked truckers in Oklahoma who gave blow jobs in the alley where Kerouac once puked his ebullient vomit and man I’ve had this many poems published and baby I have this many notches on my belt which doubles as a noose and who will win the race to Oprah’s couch and who the fuck is lying about this means to that end edgy dark deep my edgy dark deep ASS bile spew hiss boo blah this is vent this is nada this is tomorrow’s cheddar yesterday’s brie and if you say you’ve never creamed over T.S. Eliot you were too cool for any slumber party of mine and incidentally I was the first one to take it all off and howl beneath the triple dog dare moon and I’ll not make California or Vegas or the Bowery this year but you can bet I’ll be living plenty edgy dark deep in my plain jane vanilla housewife way off the map off the charts more anonymous and demented than that Amherst chick.