Hi Misti. Thanks for responding. Looked you up on YouTube. I think you have had some sadness in your life if not questionable upbringing as your videos are kind of weird and sad. Sorry for being so blunt. If you stopped making videos and spent that time trying to improve, learn, exercise, create a business, learn a skill, yadda yadda… you would feel, act and look better and be happier. You should work on a more positive outlook. I say that because you have a great base of natural beauty. Not kidding. You have a great face and body to work with. You just need a good trainer or workout partner. I do to (sic). I have been a bit lazy lately but I exercise a couple of times a week. Hope you are not insulted. Your face would look so much prettier if you did not look so sad or angry. Your body would look great if you dropped smoking asap and started a real workout routine (none of that yoga crap). I know first hand how vigorous exercise releases those long lasting “happy” chemicals naturally. I know I could make your body lean, tight, sexy…if you were willing. Hope you were not insulted. No harm intended. p.s. that weird dance where your spaghetti dress (sic) was kind of sexy…sending a small amount of blood to the lower region. See! That means you have a whole lot of potential! If you do not respond, I wish you good luck.