He’s counting the orgasms he has given you. You tell him not to do that because it will piss you off. You hate numbers. You hate for sex to be goal oriented. He’s given you at least three, maybe four or five. The most powerful orgasm happened while watching “Flash Gordon” with the sound down. A Doors cd was playing on the stereo. It took a while. It always does. Luckily, your Lion loves eating your pussy. He takes his time. He varies the tongue action. He gives you fat lolling lazy tongue. He gives you muscle tongue. He gives you frantic darting tongue. You love watching him eat your pussy. You love when he looks at you with his soulful eyes. Last night he gave you an orgasm. You tried to get him off in various ways to no success. Damn condom. You told him to take it off. You want him to cum inside you. Damn the torpedoes. Damn the consequences. You love feeling his bare dick deep inside your pussy. You know you’re stupid. The last thing you need right now is a pregnancy. Your ass is broke and freshly divorced. Your ass owes the government over a thousand bucks in income tax. You are making less than eight dollars an hour. You have no health insurance. You don’t have a phone. The neighbors above you have a dog. He tramples the goddamn floor all night long. You are never on time to work. At work your co-workers annoy you. You write poems about your lover and chomp on ice to stay awake.