JOE: …I know a lot more about what I was feeling back then than I did at the time. Someone asked me recently about the movies I made, and I said,”My only intent is to destroy sex.” They said,”What do you mean?” It occurred to me that whatever we are denied or whatever we do not get in the way that we want, we want to smash it. I could never understand romance and shit- it never seemed to work out like in the picture books or the movies, so, naturally, I wanted to destroy it. It is just that in your twenties you don’t realize that you don’t necessarily want that which you cannot have- it just seems that way. It is states of life that end up being attractive; things where other people seem to be content. Like- I wish I had a wife. And a house. And a car. But my desire for that makes me hate it. Such as, seeing a couple kissing; I hate it. It makes me sick. Just because I don’t have it.

DAVID: Do you mean media figures of happiness?

JOE: Yeah. But that’s all we have to go on, especially if you don’t have a strong family environment. I mean we all come from fucked-up homes. Most of our fucking input is from fairy tales, from the movies, tv, magazines, and from all that shit. It took me forever to figure out that that’s all definitely a bunch of fairy tales. I feel like an idiot for not seeing that when I was a kid…



David Wojnarowicz