I am a princess I belong to Jesus you will kindly refrain
from asking for a free sample of my pussy.
I belong to Jesus thus all of me belongs to Jesus
and my pussy is a part of me thus my pussy
belongs to Jesus and it is not yours to sniff
to have a hankering for
to conjure up during detention hall.
I will marry when the time is right
when the Jesus clock strikes YES
when the Godly man with a good job
and a clean penis and a time share in Aspen
decides to take my hand
look into my eyes
and tell me,”You are my own, created for my pleasure
by our one true God.”
Then I will be his but right now I belong to Jesus
so don’t get any ideas
don’t look at me with those slobber wolf eyes.
I am precious in His sight. Who are you?
Exactly. One of Satan’s pawns.
Greasing up the chess board.