Hey, Honey Butt. I want to chill with you. Want to get ill with you. Can’t get my fill of you. Could line a window sill with you. Could be still with you. You’re a pill, you. Thrill me, you do. I wanna spill the wine with you. Honey Butt. There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you. I’m drunk now. I’m braver than I was two hours ago. Honey Butt. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Yes, boo. I want to make babies with you. I want to watch reality television and horse races and drag races and random faces at the mall with you. I want to share tuna from the can with you. You cool cat you. You meow you. You sweetest pussy you. You’re my sweet ass gal, you. I want to work for you forever I do. Do they have cereal factories where you live, boo? I would put prizes in the boxes all goddamn day long for you. It’s true, Honey Butt. No other skanky ass bitch can compare. I could stare at you all day long, write songs, play them on a flute. You’re the cutest cowgirl in the corral. I’d rope the moon for you. I don’t know what that would prove but put my ass to the task, boo. I’ll come through for you. Honey Butt I just wanna be your next tattoo.