like what Uma Thurman had with Gary
and Madonna had with Sean
marriage tried on for size
oops…doesn’t fit, after all
my ass has gotten bigger
easily discarded vows
divided books videos cds dishes paintings
another label slapped on Generation X
“starter marriages”
no kids
just shared acid trips
to Nepal
cool distaste for varnished baby boomer ideals
a waste of time?
no, it made for some really cool photos

at heated moments I lash out with
My Next Husband Will Let Me Work On My Collages
As Much As I Want To!
And He’ll Let Me Sing Broadway Tunes!
And He Won’t Hate the Idea of Living in San Francisco!

like any grown up but not really
former latch key waif
I don’t fight fair
I don’t like to share my toys
Don’t Touch My PEZ Dispensers! They Are Arranged
in a Very Specific Order!
and I take over the closets
and refuse to throw away certain photos and letters

but I know better
most of the time
it couldn’t happen twice
you say something as I’m thinking it
you let me hang weird album covers on the wall
above our bed
we laugh at the same scenes in “Boogie Nights”
and talk about driving to L.A.
just to get lost for
a couple
of hours.