I’m jumping into these waters I’m naked the moon seems to will it.
If God designed a lagoon to save me this is it this is mine there’s no time for contemplation.
So much water in my mouth I’m spluttering I’m choking but the whale that is God
the hide that is you
the world that is this wild heart sailor this sea scoping hero of a man
will not I know this will not let me drown.
I’m pink I’m wet I’m such a bauble such a bubble of a girl
such a smirking shell such a pearl that is Venus
that is very much yours to carry to keep in pocket to finger to rub
to remind
to remind
for good luck for friendly for amiable affirmation
for you forever
because nobody and nothing
else exists
I’m thrashing I’m flailing I’m failing epic in these waters
and the sky is a yawn
and the sharks are a circle
doing their job.
I am one exquisite throb of a woman
that is a thrumming goddess
but maybe too soggy, finally,
too heavy with stuff swallowed
too marked by teeth
too blue from the chill
to take home to the cave
and bring back to some kind of life
with warm
with kisses
with thanksgiving stew.