Taurus women face. Solemn tear masturbating.
Those two terms, yes. I don’t make this shit up.
So what are you searching for, exactly?
In the words of Bono…did you come here to play Jesus to the lepers in your head?
No. Nobody comes here for that.
No Taurus women face here, sorry.
Solemn tear masturbating? Perhaps.
Imagine a woman in a glass walled bathroom situated in a jungle, shaving the black hairs from her long white legs in a steamy bubble bath, singing a Townes Van Zandt song of your choosing. She’s sad. She’s elegiac. Suddenly she’s horny. She puts away the razor and fingers that precious pink nub. She’s solemn about it. There’s a goal to reach. A tear falls from her left eye because god the loneliness god the hours god the give and the sacrifice to no return. It’s quite the industrious process.

Imagine that and see where it takes you. Good luck, as they say.