Dearest M&M:

Enclosed is a copy of your Stavros CD. Sorry for the delay. I ate potted meat for three days straight and seem to have blacked out at some point. I woke up in 1642 as a microwave oven. Today I am doing better and trying to adjust again to life in 2006. Things are going to get forked up again in a few weeks when the year changes. Why do they have to keep doing this to me. Mommy I have to pee. Which way the deli. I need torkeee. The vacuum will not close this chapter Alice. And now I need that fudge cork. It is going to be messy. Spleek will not be able to attend your Poopmas party. He never even sends a card. Yesterday it was raining and then it stopped. My keys. Yes those are the shoes that I wear. Those are my trousers hanging from the chair. I left my face in the freezer again. Gad. Last week we will not be home. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at Mom-Lip-Face.


Timothy E. Murray II
Chairman of the Bored