Nights are hard. I guess they’ll get easier when I start work next week. I can’t stop thinking about you & remembering all the awesome times we had. For some reason I keep thinking about our last time at the District. The band asked us a trick question! And I was working a crossword. You helped me out. Then we walked to 7-Eleven & I bought a hotdog. Did you kiss me? Even though I’d eaten onions? I think you did. I remember feeling so tender toward you, so much in love.

Memories like that give me strength & hope. If you’ll give me another chance and let me come back home to you, we can make many more memories. I just want to love you & be your best friend. At the end of the day I want you to find sanctuary in my arms, your head on my breasts. I want to comfort you and console you, excite you and inspire you. Celebrate with you when life rocks and commiserate with you when life sucks.

Will you let me love you? PLEASE??? I’m still your girl. I’m still crazy in love with you. I still want to hang out with you in Greenwich Village and San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans and Galveston and Seattle and Paris. I want to dance with you! Make love for hours! Get a suite in Las Vegas! Road trip to Roswell!

I have huge fuckin’ dreams for us, baby! I will pray for us tonight. Oh, yes. You WILL be mine.

Sex & Candy,

yer Misti