Why not let Dustin see the Shaman? It might help! What a fucking nightmare! Like a mental institution will do any better, they still use electroshock “therapy” what a fuckin’ joke that is. You & I have both seen the inside of psych wards…they’re pretty much guaranteed to damage you in excess of whatever was wrong with you in the first place. Maybe it’s just the natural warmth of the people who end up working in the places, beats me. I may be demonically possessed by Koko Loko via UFO space junk dumping, hard to tell at this point. Good luck with your family in Texiz, makes me wonder at all the Brady Bunch “Your family is there to help & support you” nonsense, when all I see is that they’re there to destroy you & fuck up everything you care about. Not always, but more often than not.

& I wish I had a higher IQ so I could keep up with you, so we’re even. Now, Mike is a prince among men, and you’re being very sweet dutch jewish mama, but personal ads, or getting laid through any print agency besides my own writing (which historically doesn’t work) is like, against my non-existent religion dude. I know I’m pathetic in some respects, but I’ll be alright. Don’t think I don’t appreciate the gesture, the concern, or the thought, but, yeah, don’t worry about me…I know I shouldn’t reject advertising, or publicity out of hand. Just read that when Brian Jones advertised for musicians for his R & B band, Keith Richards & Mick Jagger showed up. Although, in the end that didn’t work out real good for Jones. And I know I was complaining about the lack of available femaleship around, just whining, and pitifulness from a bad mood. I’m much better now. I’d enter the priesthood but I don’t like little boys so that’s out. Maybe a space alien abduction for sex experiments, like in SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE. Yeah, bring me the body of Montana Wildhack! Cool. You guys are great, but the matchmaking routine is out. It’ll be just good to see you guys.

One monkey don’t stop the show,