She was sitting on the futon in her black lace panties eating creamed corn from the can. Cougar sat down beside her, took a swig of Mexican beer. The ruby engagement ring flashed on Sally’s elegant finger.

“Babe. I’m sorry,” Cougar said.
“This heat is ungodly. My hair is fried. I lost ten pounds today in sweat,” Sally said.
“Things will get better.”
“You’re funny.”
“I met Val Kilmer in the donut shop on my way home from the factory. He’s a cool guy. He was standing at the counter, trying to decide what he wanted. I went right up to him, gave him a hug, told him I loved all his movies but ‘The Doors’ is my favorite, felt he did a real justice to the old lizard king. He seemed kind of shy and confused so I told him the apple fritters are pretty damn good. He said he’s allergic to apples. Can you imagine that shit? He ended up ordering donut holes and a carton of chocolate milk. I brought you a twist.”

In the backyard a turtle crawled across the dirt. He did not have a name, had never heard of Val Kilmer or the lizard king. There were no donuts in his world. Also: no creamed corn or apples.