I look better capitalized in maroon lipstick and Papa John’s butter sauce but I am lowercase bound and gagged naked except for too small tap dance recital sequin sparkle costume and glossy pink tap shoes sprawled dizzy on what passes these days for approachable carpet wondering about lollipop thieves and Bob’s crashed UFO while spastic robot friends beep which one of you flat fucks stole my silver surfer mask that’s the most retarded thing I ever saw he doesn’t have those ears get off my nut sac who is that Milli Vanilli this is a movie of one-liners I forgot all the dancing girls this is actually going to be the mask he’s cutting the eyes out but we need silver and yes a box of fudge is included with order but you must specify walnuts if wanted and coming slow from San Antonio you can expect melt you will receive mess and nothing will be worth anything if it ever was it’s time to stop making pennies and start making sense it’s time for walrus it’s time for sealing wax it’s time for drunken chess and sober stringing of the beads because everyone rolls in shallow graves but Kilgore Trout no doubt is rolling the hardest.