The drumsticks will be ready soon. What are drumsticks? I think they’re chicken legs. Yes. That’s what they are. The chicken legs will be ready soon. A package of several chicken legs was purchased at a grocery store this morning. The grocery store is located in Corsicana, Texas. The chicken legs were seasoned with garlic salt and black pepper then placed inside a hot oven. Right now the chicken legs are baking but not burning. They should be ready soon.

Sometimes the lights go out. It’s sudden and unexpected whenever the lights go out. The baby is scared but the mother knows the darkness isn’t anything to be afraid of. The mother lights two little candles. One candle is vanilla scented. The other candle is blue and its scent is difficult to define. It isn’t blueberry. It isn’t freesia. It isn’t baby butt powder. The candles are never lit. Whenever the lights go out the candles are lit. The lights do not usually go out.

There are bottles of wine and champagne in the refrigerator. No one here is an alcoholic. People here drink milk, water, juice and ginger ale. The ginger ale is not cold. The ginger ale is not located inside the refrigerator. The ginger ale is in a plastic bottle. The plastic bottle is located on the counter. There are pills on the counter but no one takes those. It’s quiet here. You can hear the hum of things.

Once there was a carnival down the road. It was night and the carnival boasted loud lights and popular music. People rode rides and won prizes. People ate popcorn, jumbo pretzels, cotton candy, pickles, nachos, corn dogs, hot dogs and funnel cakes. Shoes got dirty. Children screamed. Teenagers kissed and groped. In another field near the high school there were hot air balloons. The hot air balloons did not ascend very high. There wasn’t anywhere to go but up, up above telephone wires and houses and churches and banks and the grocery store and the gas station and the post office and the park.

Sometimes in Texas at least in 1984 the mothers fed their children biscuits for breakfast. The biscuits were hot from the oven. To make the biscuits taste better butter was added and grape jelly or maple syrup. Texas mothers sometimes fed Texas children biscuits for breakfast with orange juice to drink. This was common in 1984. Another breakfast possibility at least in Texas in 1984 was Malt-O-Meal with butter and sugar. There was also cinnamon toast to consider. Strawberries were never for breakfast. Blueberries were never for breakfast. Bananas were never for breakfast. Fried pork chops were sometimes served for breakfast in Texas in 1984. No one knew what granola was. No one knew about yogurt.

When a girl is pretty it’s easy. A pretty girl can smile and lisp and wear the right clothes. A pretty girl can hang out at the mall with her friends. This happens often in America. Pretty girls hang out in food courts with their pretty friends. They shop for shoes and bracelets and body lotion, which is available in numerous exciting scents. Life in America is easy for pretty girls who giggle and shop and know how to Facebook and Twitter. The path is wide for pretty American girls. The future opens wide for pretty American girls who wear the right clothes and go to the right parties. There are limitless choices. Pretty American girls can go to law school. They can stay right where they are and get married to popular football players. The popular football players work for their wealthy grandfathers and buy houses and cars and diamonds for pretty American girls. The American calendar is fat with reasons to celebrate, at least for pretty American girls. A pretty American girl will never be homeless or hopeless. She can be a fashion model. She can be an actress. She can be a whore. She can be an exotic dancer. She can be a kept woman, which is common in 2012 America. The pretty girls who become pretty women are kept in pretty houses. There are walls to decorate. Pinterest helps pretty American women figure out what to put on all those pretty blank walls.

If you are insane and live in rural Texas you will not have any friends. No one will give a good goddamn if you live or die. You can piss and moan about it, write books about it, scrawl I WAS HERE in bathroom stalls but no one will believe you no one will feel you no one will know you. No. You will not be known. There are all kinds of tragedies in the world. This is only one.

Wikipedia: Used to indicate the object, aim, or purpose of an action or activity: trained for the ministry; put the house up for sale; plans to run for senator.