Some random sniveling tattling moron decided to alert The Powers That Be at fucking FLICKR that my content is obscene/offensive/dangerous/unsafe/dirty/naughty/reprehensible/morally incorrect. I wonder what the random sniveling tattling moron was most bothered by? The self-portrait of topless bare breasted lipstick covered me, my statement to the curious world that I am more than okay with my ugly and in fact I fucking celebrate it? Perhaps the photograph of the naked Barbie doll with legs spread and plastic hands in the plastic crotch area bothered Random Sniveling Tattling Moron, put a snot rocket in Random Sniveling Tattling Moron’s happiness soup. I updated my flickr profile. It reads:

WARNING: I am obscene. Sometimes I post pictures of my breasts. Sometimes I post pictures of naked dolls. If this makes you uncomfortable, go away. There are plenty of pictures of sunsets and kittens at flickr. Go find them and smile.