I’m going to Africa soon to feed the hungry children to the hungry lions and Allah knows God knows John Lennon knows when I’ll be online again so I am in manic mode tweeting and flickering and blogging and goodreading my goddamn ass off. Donations are acceptable. We must keep eBuLLieNCe alive. Viva la revolucion! Salma Hayek does not belong on the cover of a Frida Kahlo biography, by the by. So…FUCK HOLLYWOOD! Fuck the American publishing industry! Fuck agents! Fuck Random House! Fuck hot shit New York editors and publicists! Fuck writers who use cutesy bullshit words such as “obvs” and “whatevs.” Ew! Poo poo on you! A pox on all your non-specific houses! Donations are needed. We must keep eBuLLieNCe alive. I have a Mexican comic book addiction to feed.

Merriam-Webster: ebullience definition: the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts or feelings. →