Give her the nice Coca-Cola lotion cock and your stopwatch heart
for xmas for valentine’s day for national clitoris day just because just because.
Chew him up concise and swallow with sparkling water to show you care.
Keep it clean and concealed inside a white pastry box.
Smile your bland share your beige at church and the Rotary Club meeting.
Safe inside the monkey house giddy screams and wild flings are allowed
but hide the cameras from curious fingers and careful with the belt
and piping hot white cream gravy can cause blisters to form
and San Francisco will never be the capital of America.
Meditation on Duluth.
A study in polite contrasts.
Shake the sweaty hand that feeds you raspberry balsamic chicken breasts
and olive oil drizzled asparagus spears.
The magic word is discretion.
A paper shredder is a wise investment.
If she leaves evidence behind
you can burn it
but you cannot
burn her.
Those kind of days
are over.



(inspired by this article)