When she was pregnant with me she ate stewed tomatoes, Spam and Vienna Sausages. She vomited often. I think of her going to the Dairy Mart with Fred. Did Fred buy her vanilla milkshakes and onion rings? I’m sure he did. Songs on the radio were “I’ll Take You There,” “Precious And Few,” “Nights in White Satin” and “Garden Party.” Wolfman Jack growled his gravel. Irene was knitting blankets and frying catfish. Ruby Dolores was smoking cigarettes, drinking Coca-Cola, watching “All in The Family.” Marie provided compassionate counsel, Coors in hand. The Brazos was muddy and I wonder what Cindy thought, seeing it from the car window, crossing that bridge that would someday scare and fascinate me, remind me of that scene in “Saturday Night Fever.”