Henrietta would not let it go. Tucker spit tobacco on the ground and kicked the pig across the trash strewn yard. The sky was green. A tornado would probably touch down at any second.

“I know you did dirty things with Erica behind the donut shop,” Henrietta said. Her breath smelled like cabbage.
“I didn’t do anything dirty,” Tucker said. His jeans were falling down. He’d given his belt away.
“Admit it. You pulled your thing out and put it in her mouth!”
“That’s disgusting. If you think so little of me I guess you should get in your car and go somewhere.”
“I can stay here. My show will be on in five minutes. You get in your car and go somewhere. Go to the donut shop. Hide your pig in Erica’s blanket.”
“I don’t have to take this abuse. Not from you. Not from anyone.”

Tucker got in his car and drove away. Henrietta went inside the house and watched her show. It didn’t make her laugh.