Rats chewed lentils and marshmallows in the kitchen, which featured a dirty white and piss yellow color scheme. A fly flew around the dining room, teased by the stagnant scent of yesterday’s pork roast and fried zucchini. Donnie was getting his dick sucked in the shower by some chick with papaya scented hair and a tribal art tramp stamp. Fred was passed out in a puddle of vomit, probably his, in the dark den while a popular Poison song leaked from the speakers. Dammit, the dachshund, fretted up and down the hallway whimpering for attention he would not receive for another couple of hours. The pineapple clock in Honey’s room ticked ticked ticked. Honey was dead in her closet from allergy pills and vodka. She didn’t leave a note, just a shopping list. Sad blue scrawl on expensive beige paper.

diet soda (not Pepsi or Sunkist!)
celery (the kind that’s cut up)
extra crunchy peanut butter
sea monkeys